Our Team


Julia Eichhofer - Project coordinator


Julia Eichhofer comes from Ukraine and lives in Berlin.

She has been working on Ukraine's democratization and political education projects since 2015,

gaining experience in German political foundations and non-governmental organizations.

Currently, she coordinates the project "Civil Society Energy 2023-2024" at the wechange eG

and advances her education on green energy and sustainability.

She holds Master's degrees in Political Science from Friedrich Schiller University and Kyiv Mohyla Academy.



Viktoriia Vostriakova - Project coordinator


Head and co-founder of Sustainable Development Agency "SYNERGY" (NGO in Vinnytsia, Ukraine),

Ph.D. in Economics and Senior Doctorate Student in Vinnitsa National Technical University.

She is a holder of MA in Management of Organization in Foreign Economic Relations

and Certified Renewable Energy Consultant Expert in Management & Finance (Renewable Energy Institute, UK).

She is a member of Women Energy Club Ukraine and full member of MREI in the Renewable Energy Institute (European Energy Center).

She has more than 10 years of scientific and teaching experience in universities and 2 years’ experience in project management.




Paul Stricker - Project coordinator


Paul Stricker is from Berlin and works as a project manager for the wechange cooperative.

He holds a MA in Eastern European Studies from Free University of Berlin.

Having studied at the University of Bremen, University of Wroclaw and Higher School of Economics in Moscow,

he has expertise in the politics and culture in Eastern Europe.

In his work he is engaged in the topics of digitalisation, democratisation,

green energy transition cooperation with civic actors form Germany, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia.  



Olena Rubanenko - Project coordinator


Head of technical direct and co-founder of Sustainable Development Agency "SYNERGY" (NGO in Vinnytsia, Ukraine),

Ph.D. in Power Engineering and Dr.Tech.Sc. in Renewable Energy,

Professor of department powers stations and system in Vinnytsia National Technical University

and Leading Researcher of Institute of Renewable Energy National Academic Science of Ukraine.

She is a Researcher of RICE University of West Bohemia (Pilsen, Czech Republic).

She is expert of Global Women's Network for the Energy Transitionm and co-head of group “Geen Deal” of Women Energy Club Ukraine.

She is certificated expert in “Introduction to Hydrogen” and “Power-to-X: applications and cost development”

(Renewables Academy (RENAC) ▪ Berlin, Germany) and Solar Photovoltaiс system (Renewable Energy Institute, UK).