Training materials for installing solar panels on balconies
Practical advice and video instructions for installing a balcony solar panel

We would like to bring to your attention our unique training materials for the installation of balcony solar power panels, developed by the team of SDA Synergy and wechange eG as part of the project "Green Reconstruction of Ukraine: Sustainable Solutions for IDP Housing".

The practical guide "Sustainable Solutions for Green Building: Solar Energy on Your Own Balcony" explains the possibilities and benefits of generating electricity with balcony solar power plants and describes the installation such solar panels on your balcony.

The video instruction for installing a hybrid balcony solar station clearly demonstrates all necessary steps to install a solar power station on your balcony. The video was filmed during a workshop held on 28 October 2023 in Kyiv by NPC Ukrenergo employees as part of this project.



The basic principles of energy efficiency in your own home and the process of installing a solar power plant in terms of safety, equipment selection and installation technology were discussed during the online webinar "Sustainable Solutions for Green Building" held on 20 October 2023. Please find the presentation materials and the webinar recording below.

The project was implemented by the NGO "Sustainable Development Agency "SYNERGY" in partnership with the NGO "Hromada" and Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V. with the financial support of the Nord-Süd-Brücken Foundation e.V. from the funds of the Berlin Agency for Development Cooperation and the Heinrich Boell Foundation, Kyiv-Ukraine Office.