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Announcement of the Summer School "RE-ENERGIZE UKRAINE"!
Join the Summer School "RE-ENERGIZE UKRAINE"!

Date: May 17-31, 2024

Format: Online webinars and off-line workshops.

About the program:

"RE-ENERGIZE UKRAINE" is a unique opportunity for everyone who wants to make a significant contribution to the development of green energy in Ukraine.

The summer school program includes two online webinars that will familiarize participants with the basic concepts of energy communities and practical workshops to deepen knowledge and  realize the possibility to use on practice the skills that has been learned before.

At the end of the summer school, the participants will have a unique opportunity to take part in a hackathon on  creation of green energy communities and compete for valuable prizes, and those who will be especially motivated  will visit Germany - the cradle of energy communities, where they will take over the experience and knowledge of German green energy communities! 

The main advantages of participation:

  • Deep understanding of the processes of creation and functioning of energy communities.
  • Practical skills of project development from idea to implementation.
  • Network of contacts - connections with the experts in the field and potential partners for future cooperation.
  • Community empowerment - training of leaders to strengthen the community at the local level.
  • Hackathon with valuable prizes and international opportunities.

Key events of the program:

  • May 17-24: Online webinars, where we will consider the basics of creating of energy communities and the advantages of RES.
  • May 30-31: Off-line workshops, where participants will be able to develop their own projects and receive practical cases regarding the mechanism of the actions for their implementation.
  • August-September: the hackathon on creating energy communities, which will give an opportunity to finalize your own project ideas in the team of like-minded people.
  • September: a two-day study tour to Germany.

Register now

https://forms.gle/VZFvwAV8eG6QWvF69 in order to take part in forming of Ukraine's sustainable energy future and take advantage of a unique chance to win valuable prizes and a study trip to Germany!

Registration is open until May 21, 2024