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Community representatives are invited to propose facilities for conversion to green energy
RE-Energize Ukraine - Case Study Challenge

Re Energize Ukraine

Ukrainian Local communities are invited to take part in the project "Civil Society Energy for Resilient Ukraine" for the development of "green" energy communities, implemented by the German cooperative WECHANGE eG (Berlin) in partnership with the NGO Sustainable Development Agency SYNERGY (Vinnytsia) and funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project aims to promote the development of green energy communities and the use of renewable energy sources in Ukraine.

The project envisages holding the RE-ENERGIZE UKRAINE Case Study Challenge, a competition in which activists (energy managers, senior energy students, energy engineers, NGOs, activists and other interested initiative groups) are brought together to find effective ways to use renewable energy sources in communities.

We invite communities to take part in the project and propose their own facility, which is currently a priority for the community to convert to renewable energy sources, for the participants to work on as part of the championship.

For example:

  • providing electricity to a primary school or kindergarten;
  • providing heat or electricity to an outpatient clinic;
  • ensuring autonomous operation of a water pumping station, etc.

The result of the proposed facility's conversion to renewable energy sources should have a positive economic or social impact on the community.

The organisers expect to receive information from the communities about the actual facility and a description of the resources available to the community (e.g., areas for potential placement of wind turbines, solar panels, etc., human resources, potential support from the community budget). From the information provided, the project team will create a case study - a description of the task that participants will solve as part of the challenge.

This is a great opportunity for the local communities:

  • to join a social initiative and improve cooperation with environmental activists at the regional and national level, to involve them in solving their problems;
  • receive ready-made solutions for the use of renewable energy sources for the needs of the community and choose the best for potential implementation;
  • receive support in finding funding and in the process of implementing the proposed solution;
  • to meet colleagues from other communities and share experiences;
  • establish communication with German mentors in the field of renewable energy (Ukrainian experts with experience in implementing and managing renewable energy projects and representatives of German energy cooperatives will be involved as mentors).

To join the project.

The deadline for submitting applications for description of facilities is 12 May 2023 at 16.00.